For almost a decade I’ve been exploring the topic of fulfilment. I have taken the concepts that I’ve learnt and acted as a human guinea pig, experimenting on myself and test driving the different ideas and lessons along the way to see how their application would (or would not) improve my life.

Since 2014 I decided to take things up a notch and have been interviewing the greatest living minds alive, the worlds top thought leaders in their fields to learn straight from the sources and sharing their knowledge, their research and their wisdom on how to live a truly fulfilled life.

These mentors range from quantum physicists, start-up entrepreneurs, New York Times bestselling authors, meditation practitioners, doctors of psychology, Mt. Everest Climbers and 25 TED Talk experts among many others. I believe in learning from multiple disciplines and that each one can teach us remarkable things about both ourselves and the world around us.


“Thanks so much, Duncan.  I really enjoyed talking with you…I appreciate all that you’re doing for the world and I’m grateful to be part of it. Blessings, Marci

(Marci Shimoff: NYT Bestselling author, star of ‘The Secret’, 15 million books sold worldwide)


Who is a good candidate for Fulfilment Coaching?

You have the time, money and energy to uncover solutions

You are of sound mind, NOT a physical threat to yourself or others

You are ready to finally work with, not against, yourself.


Spirit Pig Agreement:

1 session: £250 (1 hour)

4 sessions: £900

8 Sessions: £1,600


Coaching is done one-to-one, via Skype Video.

(In person sessions are possible however I often change countries every few months. Current location: Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Payment is due in full to schedule your Fulfilment session.


I only ever work with 5 clients at any one time. If you’d like to be considered for Fulfilment Coaching, then please send an email to